My Research

My completed and published circus research projects: 

  • Van Rens, F.E.C.A., & Filho, E., (in press). Not just clowning around: Investigating psychological mechanisms underlying accidents in a heterogeneous group of contemporary circus artists. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. View it on the journal’s website.
  • Van Rens, F.E.C.A., & Filho, E. (in press). Realising, adapting, and thriving in career transitions from gymnastics to contemporary circus arts. The Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology. Download the full-text publication for free here, or view it on the journal’s website.

For a complete overview of my published research projects (including those in other performance domains such as sports), please refer to my staff profile on the Murdoch University website.

dr. Fleur van Rens presenting at BASES - FEPSAC conference

My ongoing circus research projects:

  • Risks and accidents in contemporary circus
  • Mental health and well-being in  contemporary circus